In order to function well in everyday activities, one of the necessary conditions is a good, long and high-quality sleep. A good, enhancing night break improves productivity, concentration and memory, strengthens immunity, restores cells, protects against stress, and stimulates creativity, beauty and longevity. And for such a dream, you need a good mattress on which you will sleep.

Choosing a mattress is an individual matter. It does not suit everyone the same type of mattress. Somebody is more comfortable with a harder mattress, while others are softer. When trying out the mattress in the store, lie about 15 minutes on it to feel whether your hardness fits. It should be lying on the back, then on the side.

The hard bearing leads to increased pressure on the exposed parts of the body during lying (especially in the shoulder and pelvis area and less in the head, knee and ankles area), resulting in an irregular spine load and the development of degenerative changes on it as well as a disturbed sleep.

  • A soft bearing also leads to a spine bending with similar consequences. The bed together with the mattress should support the body, especially the spinal column, maintaining its physiological position while lying down. This makes relaxation and relaxation of the spine.
  • Most people sleep on a classic mattress with sprays. This is the most popular type of mattress in the world. But the advocates of alternative medicine, however, have great objections to the use of these mattresses. The negative impact of metal springs on the body is manifested in preventing the flow of energy in the human organism. Springs behave like antennas that affect electromagnetic radiation. This type of mattress has another very big flaw – it is not resistant to mites, fungi and insects.
  • There are many good sides of this type of mattress: they provide a support for every part of the body, they are long-lasting, have good air circulation, they are comfortable and generally have an affordable price.

Memory foam mattresses – are increasingly popular throughout the world. They are made of polyurethane foam characterized by elasticity, softness and ant allergic properties. There are several types of memory foam mattresses that differ in the way they are made, but all are without additives.

The advantages of this type of mattress are as follows: they ideally adapt to the shape of the body, distribute body weight well, disperse the spine, reduce spine pressure, resist insects, mites and fungi, and have an affordable price.

The disadvantages of this kind of mattress are: they are not made of natural materials and do not allow for good ventilation, they maintain the effect of “heating” and are not as long-lasting as mattresses with springs.

Latex mattresses – are popular because they are very elastic, long lasting and have good hygienic properties. Latex is a soft and fine sponge that is obtained from the milk of the rubber. There is also synthetic latex, and some types of mattresses are made from a mixture of natural and synthetic latex.

The advantages of this type of mattress are: made of natural material, evenly distributed body weight and provide optimum support and comfort, preventing the growth of fungi, mites and bacteria, regulating moisture and air circulation well, which is very important – long lasting. Get all the information from Mattress sales 2019 site.

Their fair price is quite high.

Gel mattresses are the latest generation of mattresses that are particularly practical for use in hospitals because of their flexibility, softness, sterility and elasticity. Excellent absorption of pressure and provide a good and even support for the body. This material relieves painful back even better than latex or memory foam. They are recommended for those suffering from pain in the spine, neck and back. Most often, this material is combined with springs or memory foam.